2020 UWM CEO Student Entrepreneur of the Year



"No matter where we go or where we end up, Milwaukee will always be home for some of us. Yet, most of us are aware of the sad reputation Milwaukee has in relation to crime, segregation, and violence leading one to believe Milwaukee could never be a real place to call home. While these issues are not to be ignored, Milwaukee is still a home worth celebrating for a lot of its redeeming qualities and with everyone's help, we can make Milwaukee better by opening our eyes to what opportunities already exist. Our city thrives on the celebration of many cultures and ethnicities with events like Milwaukee PRIDE, Irish Fest, Polish Fest, German Fest, Festa Italiana, Mexican Fiesta, and Indian Summer reinforcing its nickname, the City of Festivals. Many charitable organizations and fundraisers exist right here in the 414 including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club, Feeding America, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and many many more. Together we can unite ourselves and make this city great by giving back, supporting our community and simply being kind to one another. Do good. Feel good."

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The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization | UW-Milwaukee
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