The UWM Elevator Pitch Event is an annual event typically held in the Fall Semester. University students pitch either a preexisting business or an idea that they wish to come to fruition. This event is Shark Tank-style, giving individuals the nerves of a 90-second elevator pitch, and help to separate tangible ideas from unrealistic expectations. This competition helps to bring out the true passion of young entrepreneurs and offers the ability for college kids a head start on financing their next bright idea. We, at CEO, would love to connect you with resources to propel your business idea forward. Who knows, all it takes is one pitch and one pair of ears to invest in your company. Are you ready for next year's challenge? 


Here are our winners from our Fall 2021 Event: 

1st place $500: Amanda Rahfaldt


What is it? An eco-friendly, and upcycling business focusing on repurposing disposed women's athletic wear.

Stage: Current Business


2nd place $300: Kayla Lokker


What is it? A real-estate digital platform hoping to centralize and promote great agents and properties

Stage: Ideation Stage


3rd place $200: Drake Fox


What is it? An online platform helping to de-polarize the political landscape.

Stage: Ideation Stage

Thank you for all that participated! See you next year!

To get involved with this event next year, contact