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Tyler Webb

Content Producer and Host of the "How They're Here" Podcast

Michael Kirsanov

Product Development (Domestic & International) Expert

Sam Aten

Tech Expert

Dr. Katherine Du

Consumer Behavior Expert

Jesse DePinto 

CPO & CoFounder of Front Desk

Jimmy Slagle 

TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency - Trend Z 

Aaron Witt 

Founder and President of BuildWitt  

Anthony Nash

2020 UWM CEO Student Entrepreneur of the Year

Daniela Varela 

Owner of Ruby's Bagels & UWM College Dropout

Thom Keehan 

From Big Business to Entrepreneurial  Consulting Practice

Women and Business Panel 

Panel Discussion ran by Entrepreneur - Loren Nelson 

Michael Kirsanov 

COO @ Spree - New NFT Startup in Milwaukee

Jim Lee 

Marketing Coordinator at HWCC

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